weekend reading

Been doing better these last few days, but not because the voices have laid off. No, they’re out in force every day, lately. But I’m giving less of a fuck, which is productive. Gotta live a life, despite.

Got the solar panels up on the roof, and even had a bit of rain so that I could check the seals. It all seems good.

Took the van out to a spot in full sun, so I could check the voltage across the two wires that run into the van. And it was good. Was reading a potential difference of just over 19V across the two wires. Should be close to 24 amps of current possible on a closed circuit, with all 4 of my panels wired in parallel, as they are.

Now I can return to working on the floor, which was put on hold as I redid the panels.

Took Monday and Tuesday as my weekend this week, and spent those days reading a novel. Got through the first Mistborn book, by Brandon Sanderson. I’ve noticed that one thing that really draws me in to fantasy series is when there is secret knowledge in the world, and our protagonists are on the trail of it. I want to know the nature of this new reality the author has created. I want to know of the gods and the secrets in this world. I had already read the first 3 books of the Stormlight Archive, and now I’m going back through more of Sanderson’s stuff to suss out more about this reality.

I bought a kindle to serve as the van library, and it’s pretty great.