now i just need an orchard

Spent 50 bucks on some bluetooth headphones so I can play guitar late at night without making a bunch of noise. Had my eye on those for a while now, and I’m finally comfortable with going to the Amazon locker in town.

Good day. Worked all day. I’ve had some crazy dreams lately. Putting some time into recording them when I wake up and transcribing the recordings later. I’m a bit backed up, and don’t want to lose them.

Worked on my next math paper today. Going to get it ready to submit by the middle of March, then shift my after-job work hours to planning the van. Then working on the van when it warms up again.

Picked up a food dehydrator and vacuum sealer to accompany a small mycology project I’ve got going, and they’re cool as hell. Dehydrated some apple slices with cinnamon over night and vacuum sealed them today. Now I just need an orchard.