naked class brutality

Back on the wagon. Ad infinitum.

Currently house-sitting / pet-sitting in the East Bay. It’s been great to be indoors, since I’ve been sick unto death for the last two weeks. Got here on the tail end of a weed binge, and picked up a beastly respiratory infection somewhere. Shit was bad. I was coughing so hard and relentlessly that my head and neck ached, and it felt like my ribs were cracking. I’m finally on the mend, but I haven’t slept through the night in about 12 days. It’s been a rough one.

The house-sitting thing is a paying gig, so it covered the cost of my diesel coming down here. And I went to see the Eagles in Los Angeles, sans Don Felder.

After some emergency work on the van that I paid for recently, I no longer have enough cash on hand to pay for first, last, and deposit on an apartment, if I wanted one. That is not a happy thought. I gotta have an emergency fund. Ain’t no safety net.

Along those lines, I recently was driving around near a hobo camp outside of Bend, OR, and I saw a lady walking with her dog towards the camp, carrying some groceries. On my way back, I saw the groceries sitting on the ground with the dog standing over them. On a hunch, I circled around and found the woman laying in the snow. She was elderly, and her back had given out. I gave her (and the dog) a ride back to the camp (and a joint), and she was messed up enough that she would randomly break into tears mid conversation. It was devastating. The poor are out there dying in the snow. Fuck this country. And it’s a stark reminder that I’m right there too. Fucking brutality. Naked class brutality.