doing my thing

Spent some money on groceries today, and nothing else. It’s ridiculous that I have no emergency fund, but it’s hard not to pay down high interest debt. I still have about 4500 on a 14% loan, and that’s the last of it. Gotta rebuild the cash reserves.

Woke up today in a black depression. Took me till the evening to shake it off. Don’t think I can blame that one on the illness or the withdrawals. Just me, doing my thing.

I did manage to keep working , though I was obviously not operating at peak performance. Still, it was better. This job is so flexible, I gotta keep it. At least till I can pin down something as good or better. Working remote for 6 figures is a crazy place to be, even if that is now how much you need to make so that a 1 bedroom is only 1/3 of take-home.

Using the washer/dryer here to clean up all the textiles in the van. Packing out again in a few days. I’ll miss the animals.