a lot to tell

Getting back on this horse. Been in the van up in the Bend OR area (mostly) for about 8 months now. There’s a lot to tell.

Turns out that 400W of solar panels mounted horizontally are not sufficient for my energy needs during a cold, cloudy, no-sun-having-ass Winter. Had to scramble to hook up my battery charger so I could get to a campground and plug in. The flexibility of the job is very, very nice.

I’ve now got the copper to hook up my battery-to-battery charger, so wandering around will keep me topped off.

Seemed like I was leaking a bit more oil than usual, so I took it to a mechanic. And yes, the oil cooler seals failed on this OM642 engine. Dealership quoted me 3200, while another shop in town said 3000, but they’d have needed another week or two before they could get to it. So I’m letting the dealership do it.

Got a cheap motel for the week (running like 45$/day). One good thing about the lunatic housing market is that a cheap motel is less than rent these days, with no lease. 1500$/month at 50$/night. And campgrounds are way cheaper.

I’ve mostly been paying down debt since getting this job. Paid the van off first. Had managed to save like 7200, but this van work at the dealership is wrecking me. I’m still carrying like 5k in 14% debt, but after a round of surprise layoffs at the job, I’m willing to eat that for a bit while I save up an emergency fund.

I’m going to bring myself back around to writing everyday. I recently told a dream-child version of myself (in a dream) that he needed to write everyday.