impromptu mission statement

I can’t spend all day working a fucking job. I want to do math and write and play music.

And we should be able to, given how far humanity has come in terms of technology and science. What is the point of such advances, if not to make subsistence easier? And our political and economic systems should be set up so that things get easier for everybody when we make big advances in science and tech.

Those systems are not set up that way, however.

So do it yourself.

Build a sustainable homestead that will eliminate most of your material costs and even offset other costs by generating some (largely) passive income.

And you get to hang out there. And do math and write and play music.


Make a book out of it. It’s the “lone rich explorer” scenario in rimworld. I’m doing this with an advanced degree and a lot of financial advantage. like barbrah erinreich in nickle and dimed. Interdisciplinary project intersecting some of my favorite things (writing, math, biology, sustainability and climate change, outlaw anthems being sung in the woods).

healthcare is a problem for the poverty build. stateside, at least. if you’re working part-time for healthcare + 60k, there’s lots of time for your own work. That’s reasonable for something like data science. And 60k with property and zero bills is wild.