fixing yet another

Zero dollar day. I want a good Ohaus scale that will register 0.01 g, but it looks like that could cost several hundred at a minimum. Maybe not right now. I also wouldn’t mind a good exercise bike for while I’m not in the van. I’m already gonna need a storage unit just for the winter/summer tires (whichever are not in use).

Read back over the first post hear the other day, and that still seems like a good idea. I need capital to make it happen. With some land and even a modest income from writing, I could be alright. Health insurance is the hitch. So…Canada or Costa Rica? Costa Rica is cheaper, but hot. Snowy mountains or the beach?

So many issues in my dissertation work that someone really should have caught. None of it breaks the central proof, but it still irks me. Thought I’d be done today, but I found another major issue (while fixing yet another). I think I see how to mend it. Still gonna be a few more days before I submit it. Maybe this weekend.

Get my 2nd covid shot a week from tomorrow. They put a pause on the J&J vax today. You hate to see it. This shit is finally starting to wear me down. Dreamt of girls the last two nights. Gonna soldier on, though.

4 more weeks in the semester. I hate that I’m teaching another year after this. Hopefully be back in the classroom.

Love this little cast iron skillet a friend gave me. I want to roast more veggies in the oven with just olive oil, salt, and pepper.