both my mind and the lighting

Spent like 100 bucks a few days ago on a fitness tracker / smart watch thing and the mariners compass I’ve been wanting for my van. I want to see my resting heart-rate while I’m sleeping. And know which direction I’m going in when I’m out of cell range.

It’s been busy. Teaching, working on my math paper, and playing guitar.

It was 65 F today outside, windy, and rainy. It was nice. I took a short walk. Felt good.

Was up late last night with the voices. Made for a day where both my mind and the lighting tended to wander.

One of my Canadian weed stocks actually come up from under water today, and I sold my shares at +19%. Moving the money from Robinhood to Vanguard, and buying the American cannabis company Acreage Holdings “over the counter” with everything I’ve got. The rest of the stocks I’m holding on Robinhood were up a bit today, but still down overall. Hoping to actually turn a profit on them still over the next few months, then move the money to Vanguard. I do likely need to be more brutal about eating a loss when necessary. I can give it 2 months. I’m talking about 2500$ total, 1500$ of it mine.

Some busy days coming up. I’m tired just thinking about it.