blowing off work to do more work

Many zero dollar days lately.

Been blowing off work to do more work. More of my own work. Feels good. Played guitar for 3 hours a few days ago, and did 2 hours of guitar and 2 hours of math yesterday. If I can knock off work at 3 pm, that gives me 4 hours till 7 (when I work out). That’s a good chunk of time.

Guitar is still super fun. I like being good at stuff. And I like getting better at stuff.

Making good progress on my math bio manuscript. Planning to get it in order by the middle of March, and submit it. Then I’ll switch back to working on the Van in my evenings.

I opened a Vanguard brokerage account, and bought 500$ worth of Acreage Holdings, the biggest cannabis company in the US. I had already deposited 2000$ with Robinhood (1000$ of my money, 1000$ matched from family), and it’s down considerably. Robinhood only lists the Canadian companies, so I’m hoping they’ll get up to at least 90% of what I put in, and then I’ll cash out and move the money over the the Vanguard account. I want to put all these eggs in very few baskets, those baskets being the American cannabis companies most likely to take off if legalization ends at the federal level. Vertically integrated companies operating in multiple states. ACRG is around 7$ right now, and that could easily increase by 20x. That’d pay off the van.

Been having so many crazy dreams lately. Also been having a lot of trouble meditating. Having some difficulty focusing. All the more reason to keep at it. Having trouble losing the last 10-15 pounds I want to lose. All the more reason to keep at it.

I think I may be developing a hernia. Fucking sucks. Gonna give it another day or two before I make a doctor’s appointment. Maybe I just pulled an abdominal muscle. Skipped planking and crunches today. Just walking around gives me some pain.

Went for a hike in a snowy wood over the weekend. I’m gonna wait till Spring, when Winter gear is on sale, and pick up some snowshoes. That’s gonna be awesome. Bear paws.