the end of cannabis prohibition

Drove my van up to Buffalo today to get that exhaust work done. Some of the smaller roads were pretty gnarly with ice and snow, and I realized I was clenching my jaw about 1/2 way through. No incidents, though.

That exhaust work is going to cost so much. I asked the dealership if they can give me notes on what exactly happened, why it happened, and how I can keep it from happening again.

I’m still convinced that the end of cannabis prohibition is going to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity. I’m going to put as much cash as I comfortably can into that. I’ve bought a bunch of stock in Canadian companies, but buying the American companies is going to be a bit more complicated. Basically, I can’t do it with Robinhood, and will need a Vanguard account. Not sure what the minimums are there. Looking into it.

I even thought about the possibility of finishing the van and selling it to generate money to invest in weed stocks. I think a 10x increase is entirely possible…the largest American company right now has shares priced at 6 bucks. No reason that couldn’t be 60 or 120 after legalization. If I could wrangle 20k to invest, that could be life-changing.

Got home from my 3 hour round trip auto maintenance journey, and managed to play guitar and work out. Not managing to do much else.