might be manageable

Semester started up again. It’s going alright. With lots of prep done for one of my classes, the work-load seems like it might be manageable. I’ve forgotten what teaching is like in an environment that doesn’t require time and a half just to stay afloat. Teaching in person again would feel so easy now.

Still no word on whether or not they’re going to hire me on again for next year. Some friends of mine work at a private high school in in Los Angeles, and it’s possible that they’ll give me a job, though it likely wouldn’t start till Fall, meaning I’d have no employer funded healthcare for the Summer. That ain’t great.

Got a negative Covid test yesterday. Good shit. Ready for that jab.

Gotta cut down on the caffeine now that I’m working with other people again. Gonna start making 1/2 liters of coffee in the mornings. At least for a while. Then maybe cut back on that too.

Still digging the coding classes and guitar practice. I don’t hate teaching…at least not all the time…but I’d like to make more, and to be putting my effort into research, which data science could allow. And maybe I could move to Vancouver.