i do like the idea

Bought some strap locks and a capo for my new guitar. I mentioned that to a friend, and she said, “It never ends,” indicating that one will always be buying more accessories, but I take exception to that. I’ve been pretty good about buying things and then keeping them till I wear them out.

Along those lines, I’ve been really digging the cast iron cookware I bought for the van (campfire dutch oven, a griddle, and a bacon press). My next skillet will for sure be cast iron. I like all my cookware being cast iron and stainless steel.

I need to waterproof my leather boots. My feet got very, very cold on a recent snow walk. I was in frostbite levels of cold, but was staying active. Still. Too close. I had good socks too, but they were wet.

I’m digging learning music theory. It’s like math. It’s like classical math, with some (seemingly, to me) arbitrary conventions and notation. Pretty cool though, and I feel like I’m picking it up quickly.

I keep rediscovering the plan I came up with years ago: get some land and start building a homestead that will allow me to dramatically reduce my cost of living, and only work part-time for pay, spending the rest of my time on the materials I care about. It’s a good sign that I keep coming back to that as I try to solve my problems in my head. I came up with the idea while very high, and the fact that I keep rediscovering it while sober speaks well of the plan. The only sticking point really is healthcare, and that would be solved by moving to Canada. Or Costa Rica. I don’t think I can make it work without universal healthcare.

I know I circle over some of the same topics again and again here on crowswood, but that’s a reflection of what’s happening in my head. That’s the way my mind works. I’m still thinking about how I want to get paid. And I do like the idea of getting paid to write, but it’s going to be a while before I can transition into that. I have too many projects open right now. I am going to keep writing every day, here and elsewhere, but I can’t take it on as a major effort at the moment. I have research projects that I need to finish, and the van to build out. I’ve also started learning an instrument. That’s fucking plenty.

I’m still committed to working on math heavily over the Winter break. Got 4 hours only in today. Started late and took a bit of a break. Still, got some good work done.

Going to transcribe some old journal entries now, then lie down. Good day.