do math again

Zero dollar day. Been swamped with teaching. Been managing to keep most of my self-care regime (exercise, meditation) intact, but not much else.

Been applying for jobs more than working on the van.

Been applying to some postdoctoral positions, and talking about my research has gotten me wanting to do math again. Gotta get back to putting hours a day into that.

Working the polls was fucking crazy. Saw some racist assholes who were there to fuck for the man-baby shit-demon. Saw some cute chicks who were eyeing me sideways when they thought I wasn’t looking.

Still Covid-lonely.

It’s been about 10 days since the poll work, and no symptoms.

Took my rifle out to some secluded woods, and tested it out. Works well. Blowback operation is neat. Adjusted the sites, and got to smell some gunpowder.

Time to crash hard, and have another long day tomorrow.