the most difficult quadrant

Zero dollar day. Spent ~100 yesterday on groceries and snacks.

Today was a very productive day on the van. Actually mounted 2/3 of the chalkboard panels on the sliding door, and insulated the cavity behind it. Lots of gluing of carpet. I also finalized the manual lock/unlock lever for the sliding door. The sliding door should be the most difficult quadrant of the interior walls. And it nears completion.

I was pretty wiped out after 6 hours working on my feet on the van. Laid in the tub for a while. Managed to catch up on the dishes, changed my fishes water, changed my sheets and folded the laundry. Was planning on preparing a lecture and writing a homework key, but didn’t manage it. That’s OK. I gotta remember that they aren’t going to think twice about replacing me next year, so there’s no reason to go all in. Do the job they’re paying me to do, and that’s 40 hrs/week.

Went for a walk on Friday afternoon/evening, then did laundry and got groceries on Saturday morn. Played online with friends, till about midnight. And I actually worked for my whole Sunday. Seems like a good routine. Though I am wiped out, and it’s only the beginning of the week. No rest for the wicked.

Pretty often when I’m driving home in my van, I get the impulse to just keep going. I’m working on enabling that impulse.