been a while — good things happening

Hey folks. Been a while. It wasn’t a drug binge this time! I moved to western New York State for the cheap rent and rural environs. Working as a stats professor at a school in Minnesota, 100% online.

I like it here, though the fact that it’s kinda Trump country is mildly depressing. But it’s beautiful. I’ve been walking to a nearby creek each morning as my “commute” before working out of my apartment (a one bedroom place feels huge), and I saw a crane and some turkeys today.

I’ve been walking in the woods and meditating from 9 am till 10 am, working as a prof from 10 till 6 pm, with about an hour for lunch, then working on the van from 6 to 8. I exercise from 8 to 9, shower, then hang out and read till bed. Now I’ll add writing here to that after-shower time.

Put a second coat of chalkboard-paint on the wood that’s going up on the sliding door today. Also did the first roughing in of the electrical, getting the wires in place for the LED lights that will go in the ceiling.

Because I’m able to pull the van right up to my front door here, and it’s easier to move stuff in and out, I took all the big gear out and played tetris with it in the van. I’m returning to a variant of my earliest design, with a square open floor plan in the front room of the house. I’ll start getting pics ups soon.

Zero dollar day.