a windfall, pissed away

So the water in my little village was deemed unsafe for drinking, and the university ran all the students off from like 1/2 a week. This meant I had 3 unplanned days off. And instead of doing anything useful with the time, I went on a mini weed bender. Now it’s Sunday evening, I’ve got work tomorrow, and I did next to nothing productive over the last several days.

A windfall, pissed away.

Spent a bunch of money, mostly on take out and gas-station snacks and delivery. Had to dip into my savings, considerably.

It’s better, cause it’s weed and not booze. And it’s better, because I burned some savings but didn’t put anything on credit. It’s better, but it’s not good.

Dipping into savings without going onto credit feels like I had some good karma built up to burn, and didn’t burn it all. Better–not good.

Feeling sad about the waste, and emotionally fragile (as I usually do after a weed binge).

It was kinda fun. But expensive and unproductive. If I just cooked more for myself, these binges would be way cheaper.

Exercised today. Did some work. Gonna crash out early, taking it easy on myself tonight. Gotta listen to the stones tomorrow as I walk to work.