make crypto punk again

Zero dollar day. Got an hour of math done, and cleaned the kitchen. Karate.

I like my apartment with the bed lofted. I also like that I can easily walk home from my dojo. No way I can keep paying for it longer than I have to.

I’m somewhat financially disenchanted with my van-living idea. Still doing it…the fact that vehicles depreciate in value has become more clear to me lately. It’ll still be good. And it’ll be awesome when it’s plan B again. It’d be great to travel in over summers and such. “Make the Van Plan B Again.”

I like that one. “Make Crypto Punk Again,” is also good. And of course there’s “Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.” One wonders if there is an armed insurrection by the far right on the horizon. If the military is against them, it’ll be a joke. If the military is with them, we’re fucked.

Possible looming civil war aside, I’ve decided I”m going to apply for a tenure track position here at SUNY. I’m not crazy about getting tied to one location, but I do want to get paid to do research again. That’s what’s important. I’m not in a huge amount of danger of getting the position, I think (not without some publications out there), but it’s worth a shot.