cute smile

Zero dollar day. I like my karate dojo. All these cute girls that are 1/2 my age keep smiling at me shyly. So that’s good.

Got some math done today, but it’s a fucking struggle. I’m not getting any van work done on weekdays. The van will be going to a body shop soon, to get the bumper fixed. It’s gonna be like 800$. I’m anticipating some bullshit from the responsible party, but I have their insurance info, if I need to pull rank.

A guy during the after dojo social gathering claimed that the US has the lowest per capita carbon emissions of any first world country. I was able to pull up documentation to shut that down pretty easily. He also trotted out the old claim that lithium ion batteries necessary for renewable energy do more environmental damage than they prevent. Like a zombie argument, that shit just keeps going no matter how many times it’s killed.