sounds crazy

Spent some money today. Bought some boxer briefs, undershirts, and sweatpants on amazon for like 100 bucks total. And some batteries for for my kubaton flashlight. And a gear bag for karate. I’ll be buying an extra gi from the dojo next time I go, likely Sunday. 40 bucks.

It helps to make myself keep up with that kind of stuff. I’m starting to track every dollar I spend. I don’t like putting big numbers in that spreadsheet. So that should discourage me. But this stuff was all good.

My dojo is not cheap. 185/month. I should be able to swing it, but it’s a big chunk of my disposable income. But training feels good, and it gives me a chance to socialize. Which the doctors say I need to do.

And there are for sure some cute chicks there.

I’ve been shifting my focus to my breathing when the voices get bad. That seems to be helping. It’s gotta be better than tensing up and trying to fight my invisible enemies with my mind. Sounds crazy when you say it out loud. And I guess it is.

So yeah, a uniform cleaning truck backed into my parked van when I took it to the Mercedes dealership. So it gets to go to a body-shop after the MB place is done with it. They were supposed to let me know what was going on with the air intake manifold today. But no. If I don’t hear from them tomorrow, I’ll give them a call.