working on week 2

Spent the first weekend of the semester (Labor Day weekend) extracting the cannabanoids from my old pipes and such so I could eat them and get high and play Witcher 3. It was pretty great. Didn’t do anything else, but that was good.

Today’s a zero dollar day. Bought a pizza over the weekend, and other than that I haven’t spent money on anything but groceries.

I haven’t been doing well regarding my own projects, otherwise. Haven’t done van work, and haven’t been writing or doing math. Full time teaching is draining.

I have been meditating and exercising. That’s good.

Playing with the idea of just focusing on the van…letting that be my one project outside of work…putting the math and writing on hold. I don’t much like the idea of that, but I’m feeling spread thin.

Also playing with the idea of shifting some of my exercise time off to Karate; there’s a dojo down the street from my house. That would cost me money. We’ll see. I do need more social contact.

Paying rent and paying for the van at the same time is too much. I’m barely clearing my bills by 400/month. I may apply for a credit card consolidation loan when I get some of this credit paid down a bit (so my credit score goes up).