home again

Back from my travels. Clearly I got no new work done on the site. It was a good trip, largely. Family is a challenge. Time spent out west was good; snorkeling in the kelp (which seemed to have some kind of fungal disease, sadly), and a Rolling Stones concert. Driving back and jumping right back into work was a bitch, but that’s the price I paid.

Feeling overwhelmed with full time teaching. Going to try to get an hour of writing and an hour of math in every morning, and exercise every evening (been doing about an hour total these last few days), and work on the van for at least one full day every weekend. Sunday is designated as the van work day; Saturday is go-for-a-walk-then-do-whatever-the-fuck day. Saturday could involve van work.

I want to split this blog up into two–one for progress reports on the van, and one for my more personal ramblings. That would make more sense. I should learn how to use this fucking website.

Had some van trouble on my trip. I’ll write about that shortly.

Spent money only on groceries yesterday. Today should be a zero dollar day.

Tomorrow will mark 1 year without drink.