time keeps on slipping

Hi folks. My LA friend is back in LA, and I’m ridiculously behind on my project. There’s no way I’ll be anywhere near “done” when my lease is up (in about two weeks). I could keep working for about another week after I’m out of the apartment (either floating or down in TN, at my mom’s place), and then I’m off to LA for snorkeling and the Stones concert.

Now that I’m alone again (and out of weed) I’m going to put in long days every day until my lease is up. There is way too much to do. Gotta keep from stressing out about it. I’m starting to get flashes of existential anxiety about being homeless and unprepared; I have to remind myself of what I’m doing, and why.

My current goal is to finish the insulation and walls in 4 days (including today). So lets get to it.