fan installation, part 2

Very busy day today. Got two coats of Herculiner paint-on truck bed liner to seal the fan flange to the roof. It took about 5 hours for the first coat to be even close to dry (not tacky), and the second coat was still pretty tacky after 5 hours (humidity increased throughout the day). I was hoping to get 3 coats in today, and it’s likely to rain tomorrow. Hopefully I can install the fan in the morning before the rain starts, so I can see if it leaks.

I did some repairs on the rear license plate area, and removed the bulk of the wall between the cab and the rest of the van. That took a long time, and there’s still more to do.

It’s 10:15, and I still need to meditate tonight, and play guitar for a bit. Fucking hell. Thought about staying up late, but I’m going to try to be strict with my bedtime. So, back to it.

I am still taking pictures and video, and those will go up eventually.

Edit: it’s the next morning. It’s been raining most of the night, and it raining steadily right now. Not a drop! That is a great relief. Soon as it clears up, I’ll put the fan in place.