a job, and the ny state thruway

Spent a chunk of this last weekend learning about solar power, and about electricity generally.

Bought a burrito Friday evening after work, and bought some pastries and coffee on Sunday morning. Those are the only dollars I spent last weekend.

I found out late last week that SUNY has the money and wants to hire me back as an instructor again next year. The head of the department said they’ve been hearing very nice things about me from my students. I bought myself a watch to celebrate. It’s a 50$ Casio diver’s watch. Looks nice, and should last. Now I get to leave my phone in my pocket while teaching.

Last week I ended up getting high every day after work. And it was a hard week; harder than is usual these days. Staying high and not working out does not help me to feel better. That was definitely strike two…one more deviation for what the (my) law allows, and I’ll have to abstain for a year. Which could be OK, but I would like to be able to use at least this one, most benign of recreational drugs in a controlled way. Working on it

The New York State Thruway is charging me 2,200$ for the damage I did to their property when I wrecked my car at a toll-both recently. That’s a pretty serious setback. Family has agreed to help me out with this, which is better than going to a payday lender, but I’m still planning on paying Family back immediately, so this is coming out of my van-build money.

It’s looking more like I’ll have to put some of my build on credit cards, and/or not get some of the major appliances until later. I’m less worried about that now that regular work is looking likely next year.