the law of conservation of make-with-the-hot-water

Been thinking more about hot water.  Found a small, electric hot water tank, but I’m not sure if the numbers make sense.  One of the reviews says it draws about 25 amp-hours to heat the tank all the way up.  2.5 gallons of hot water would be more than enough for a shower, so this may be doable.  I want to wire in a switch, so it doesn’t keep water hot all day; I’m willing to spend 20 amp-hours per shower, I think, but not more to keep the tank perpetually hot for incidentals.  Unless the power economy turns out better than I worry it might.

I’m still hoping to get away with 200 watts of solar on the roof, and 200 amp-hours worth of batteries (almost certainly not lithium-ion, given my budget).  A 2000 watt inverter will run my induction top and the water heater, though not at the same time (making a switch on the tank more valuable).

I’m hoping I can flip the switch to start warming water before I get on the exercise bike, work out for an hour or so (or maybe more, if I don’t have a full time job), and then have some warm water for a shower when it’s time.

I’m just noticed that a 2000 watt inverter will run a Dewalt table saw, too.  I could easily drop 1000 bucks on tools, and want to.

Speaking more of electrical, I’ve got a “Kill A Watt” meter coming, so I can start documenting my usage.  I want to see if my bread-maker is viable (I love toast), and my toaster (I love toast), and compare the cost of cooking rice on my cooktop and my new instapot (the 3 qt).  I like that the instapot uses less water, and produces less steam.

Been playing with different ideas of how to organize the bed, and where to store the exercise bike.  It’s easy to get stressed out, given how much there is to figure out and plan, and I have to remind myself that I can make something happen, even if it’s not perfect.  I will make mistakes, and will want to change things the next time I build myself housing (because I will know more).  And all of this is OK.  I could end up with a cot in the back of an insulated box, and a hotplate on the floor next to some strapped-down batteries, and I’d get by.  I’m being more ambitious than that for sure (this is the largest building project I’ve ever attempted), but it’s OK if it’s not perfect.  So I remind myself, and the reminder relaxes me.  And makes the project seem more fun and less stressful.

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