day 99

Another zero-dollar day.

Today is day 99 of my sobriety.  This is the longest I’ve been without a drink in over a decade.

I’ll stop counting days now, and start counting years.

I occasionally indulge in “wistful remembrances of my misspent youth” (as I call them), but I take such indulgences as analogous to having fond memories of a girl that I left for good reason.  You can think back warmly without being in any real danger of returning.

I should still be grading, but I’m too fucking tired.  Going to finish it up in the morning.

For a long time I’ve had this idea of “green-flipping” properties; buying a piece of land, living on it and developing it as a sustainable homestead over a period of 5 years or so, and then selling it and moving on.

While doing this, I can experiment and possibly engage in formal research regarding sustainable human habitation.  And put the results of that research here on crowswood.  I can also (if I’m not spending my time on salaried employment) keep up with my mathematical biology and writing.

If I can pull off this van project, and stay employed for the interim, I could be within a year or two of buying land.

I do want to move to Canada, but the first such project could be states-side.  If it were, I’d be in a much better financial position to make that move.

Of course, if I want to raise a family, I need to stay in one place for a good long while sometime soon.  Could be in 5 years, after the first property sells.  I’ve vowed not to raise a child in the states (fuck these cops), and I still need to meet a woman I can live with.

Regarding the green-flipping thing, I was a bit uncomfortable trying to build someone else’s “dream home,” but it occurred to me that I could build a tiny house on a slab (not on wheels) on the property (or a tree-house, or something), and leave the prime building spot bare.  Then folks could move in to temporary housing, and design the bigger home while on site.  Or just stick with the small place.  If they do build a bigger place, they’ll have a small guest house.

This seems like a more reasonable amount of work to attempt.  I’d make less per flip, but they’d be ready to flip faster.

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