desk idea

Spent 3 bucks on a cup of green tea at work, but skipped lunch, so it balances out.

Didn’t buy a pizza this weekend, but bought two books; one on van conversions and one on solar for RV’s and cabins.  Also bought some calibration solution for my pH meter.  I’ve got a fish–a pretty blue Betta.

Not sure how to take him with me in the van.  I’ll probably not replace him when he dies, but I’ll give him a good home till then.

I’m still on the fence about the shower.  I’ve realized that if I’m working out 6 days a week, and showering after each, just the volume of water used is a concern, not to mention the issue of heating it.

I haven’t figured out where I’ll be getting water from, regularly.

I’m also debating what kind of bed I want.  I have a queen right now, and I stay pretty solidly on one 1/2 of it.  I kind of like the idea of a single; I like the minimalism of it, and I like the idea that the van is for me.  I have a car now, a beat-up, 2-door mercury cougar I’ve named Freddie Mercury, and I keep a military surplus sleeping bag in the trunk, and it’s been my plan b since my best bud Myles gave it to me.  For when, say, a relationship goes south.  The van would be a much more comfortable plan b…a bug out vehicle with solar and a toilet.

But it would be nice to use it on camping trips, and I don’t plan on being alone forever.  I wouldn’t mind hosting sleep-over friends in it, even if it’s built for just me to live in.

The mattress I have now is nice, and it’s appealing since I already own it, but it’s heavy as fuck (coconut fiber core), and I’m not sure I can fit a full queen in a 144 WB Sprinter.  So…decisions to make.

I like the idea of a modular design.  It discretizes the planning, and allows for easier modification later.  My favorite new module is a fold-down standing desk.  There will be a cabinet, possibly directly across from the sliding door (behind the driver’s seat), with a fold-down front for a desk surface.  Books, pens, paper, laptop, etc inside, possibly on two shelves.  This will be my work space.  Just needs AC for the laptop (possibly a tiny netbook, though those keep dying on me), and some LED lighting.  Maybe have the lights tied to the opening front face.  Not sure how to secure the books yet…it’s worrisome to have them up high, but I need at least 5-10 on hand.

There will be more book storage elsewhere, likely a good amount under the bed.  Where other folks keep their rock-climbing gear, and whatnot.

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