comfortable and functional

Whew. Life is too much. Between the job, my own work, and domestic shit, something’s got to give. And that something is, more often than not, domestic shit. Managed to do some dishes and some laundry today, and cooked up some food for the week, but the kitchen is still a wreck. It’ll be nice to sleep in clean sheets tonight, though.

I pulled the trigger on some van upgrades. Got 4 new tires, Goodyear KO2s, some suspension upgrades (Sumo Springs for the front and rear, and two additional leaf springs, all from Super Springs), and got some brakes disks and pads meant for vehicles that are going to be pulling heavy trailers. I’m excited about all that. I’ll have somebody put the tires on my wheels (taking off my fancy snow tires), then balance and mount them. I’ll do the brake and suspension upgrades myself.

I also got two “bunk” style windows that I’m going to install in the rear of the Van. It’ll be good to have a cross-breeze while sleeping, and while at the desk.

I’m worried about figuring out a way to do the bed lift. I want to have a desk that’s comfortable and functional enough so that I can write a book there. And I don’t think my idea for a drawer-slider-based pull-out desk and desk seat are great. Though it would be way, way easier. Maybe the drawer-slider based office would suffice for the first year.

I’m also thinking that an internal shower is too much to ask for this first year. It would simplify the plumbing considerably to just have an outdoor shower in the rear (with no need for a sump pump). And, of course, the requisite gym membership.

Given how long everything has taken me so far, I do like the idea of simplifying the design for the first year. The plan has always been to rebuild the interior after living in it for a year. I’m going to use shitty, salvaged materials for the first iteration. I can use a simplified design, too.

Over Spring break, I went to my first live music event since the pandemic began. It was a classical guitarist named Ana Vidovic’. I loved it. Going to two metal concerts in May (Nightwish, and then Opeth/Mastodon), and I’m thinking of flying out to LA in June for a Jack White show. My friend has tickets, and offered me one. It’d be fun, but I gotta put lots of time into the van build this Summer. It will be my full time job.

Then, when I move into it, I imagine I’ll be looking for a new job. I have very little hope that my college will be willing to bump my pay by the 10% I plan to require of them. But I am excited to find some work that’s not teaching. I want to contribute as a researcher. And I’d rather get to that now, rather than in a year. So we’ll see.

Time for blessed rest.