afternoon / evening

Paid some cash to the man yesterday; got my license and registration for my new state (finally), and sent in the paperwork to have my passport renewed. Good thing to have. Also registered to vote.

Ran around doing logistical stuff like that yesterday, and it was pretty warm (like 35F) and sunny. Made me want to celebrate somehow. Ended up restraining myself from getting weed, and I got a frozen pizza instead. I gotta watch that. If swap out food for drugs, I’m gonna get fat. And I’m already like 10 lbs overweight. It’s on the list of shit to do.

Spend the afternoon / evening watching cartoons and playing guitar. I had written early in the morning, after waking up before I was supposed to again. The fact that I’m behind on job stuff is going to make tomorrow challenging. But I’m going to try to get it all done and still get at least half sets in on my personal work (write, play guitar, exercise). Almost resigned myself to half sets today, but working out felt good, and I’m finishing up an hour of writing now.

“Anything worth doing is worth doing half-assed.” It’s good to be able to negotiate with yourself, to throw your lazy-bitch-self a bone, and be like, “Just do half.” Seems like a cheap trick, but it’s working for me. Nietzsche said (something like), “When dealing with humanity, if you would stay clean you will sometimes have to wash yourself with unclean water.” Apparently this applies to my dealings with myself, as well.