restocking that larder

Spent like 250$ on canned and dry goods yesterday. Restocking that larder. Gonna sneak out late tomorrow night to do laundry, hopefully with nobody around. Then I should be good to hunker down till January is over. Fuck Covid.

I’m debating whether or not I should move my classes online till the peak of Omicron passes here. Dunno. Wish my school had required the booster of students.

Got the last of my windows insulated earlier. The low tonight is like -20 F.

My new parka can dominate that cold. I need a scarf and one more layer of pants. I wore insulated underpants, pajama pants, and jeans during a -10F walk recently, and it was not enough. I think it was mostly the fact that all layers were permeable to airflow.

Going through my old journals is pretty painful. I’ve been pretentious and a fool in my life. Chances are I still am, and in 20 years the things I write today will be equally painful to me. I suppose that’s the price of growth.