fuck private schools

Lost my damn pocket knife, and I’m paying to replace it. I might put the new on a cord and carabiner so I can clip it to my belt. Benchmade knives ain’t cheap. It’s weird that I don’t have a backup folding knife. But I’m not buying a backup now.

Replacement knife is running me 175.

Going to cease my payments into my retirement account. I’m gonna need that money now.

At the faculty meeting yesterday the university’s president made it very clear that she won’t send students home unless ordered by the Governor, and that her primary concern is money, not the health of the students or the staff. Fuck private schools. This school has a quarter of a billion dollar endowment that they haven’t touched yet through the pandemic. I wonder how much they make on student residence fees. I also wonder what the top brass gets paid annually.

There was a study recently that showed for-profit nursing homes have higher mortality rates than not-for-profit facilities. If you motivator is making money, you will cut corners when it comes to public health.

I will not hesitate to take my classes online, should the situation merit it. It sucks for the kids, cause they’re (mostly) doing things right, and most of them learn better in-person. But it sucks all around. Shit’s not fair.

Talked to my mom for too long today, and then had popcorn and dried mango to help me recover. Gotta get up at 5:30 tomorrow (Saturday) to go administer finals.