can’t go trading that hay

Zero dollar day. My watch died, and I’m tempted to buy a crazy Garmin gps watch to replace it, but I can’t afford that. I’m increasingly concerned that I’ll have to walk away from this job at the end of the year, so I gotta make hay while the sun shines. Can’t go trading that hay for a Garmin watch.

Spent too much on take-out over the weekend. No more takeout till my weight is where I want it. I’m just above a healthy BMI, and would rather be in the middle of the “healthy” range.

I tend to remember my dreams better when I’m well rested. Napped a bit yesterday, and got the full 8 hours last night, so I did remember my dreams this morning. Lots of good, sexy dreams, dreams about traveling in the van, and dreams about fighting the empire by taking out a vulnerable point in their technology, a-la Star Wars: a New Hope. I got closer to being lucid last night than I have in a while. I had made some progress on that front about a year ago, but kinda dropped off since then. Want to get back on that horse.

After my pleasant morning, the day got hard. Mood dropped badly when I was walking to work…no idea why. Maintained. There were a bunch of baked goods in the break room, so I ate a bunch of sugar after teaching, and then got weirdly dizzy toward the end of my walk home. It was pretty intense, enough so that I checked my O2 levels once I got inside. O2 was fine, so I’m guessing it was a blood-sugar thing. Weird.

By the way, I did get a finger-clip oximeter after contracting Covid. It’s now a part of my morning self-screen (along with temp). It also gives me accurate heart-rate readings, which is nice. My resting heart rate is good these days, typically in the low 60s.

Had to work late, but wrapped up around 8 (with some breaks), and switched to my own work. Two hours is enough to play guitar, write, meditate, and exercise for 1/2 an hour each, then crash out. Makes me feel better to be doing my own stuff, and with the way I feel this evening, I don’t hate that I’ll only get half a workout in. I just want to lay down already. But it’s important to push when it’s hard. Make tomorrow better.

Finals are next weekend, and then early next week I’ll be house-sitting for a colleague who’s visiting family for xmas. I get to take care of their dog and chickens, and spend about 5 days out on their 40 acre property. Gonna take my snowshoes, laptop (to write), and guitar. Should be a good sojourn from city life. (“City.” Ha.)

I plan on finishing the transcribing of my old journals over the Winter break, and starting the 3D modelling of my van build.