fuck this virus

I tested positive for fucking Covid. After all the work I put in and all the sacrifices I made, it was a bit disheartening. Rationally I know that my efforts could only shift the probabilities, not eliminate the possibility, but it still felt like a kick to the gut. I got furious with the local idiots who are fueling the spike in numbers here in Small Town, MN.

I’m thrice vaxxed with no risk factors, so I anticipate a mild case. But I hate that my streak of not catching it is over. I’m the first of my CA friend group to catch it, and I’m also one of the two who’s been most careful. Seems unfair, cause it is. “Fair” is not a thing (just world fallacy).

Fuck this virus.

Running a very mild fever and teaching online.

I need some dish-soap and to take the garbage out, but I want to not leave my apartment till the 10 days is up. I’m thinking I’ll just make due. Got plenty of dried and canned food for that time period.

Slipped again on updating here. Burned out hard on my 12 hour days, and collapsed for a few weeks. Smoked some weed, and just vegged out after work. Coming back at it again, and shifting back to just getting in 3 hours of my own work after paid work is done. 1 hour of guitar, 1 hour writing, and 1 hour of exercise. Gonna try to hold to that.

I’m still transcribing old journals, and the later stuff is way better than the earlier stuff. That’s as it should be, and seems promising. Once these old journals are all transcribed, I’ll start giving that hour each day to van work. Lots of planning (including CAD work, which I’ll have to learn how to do) needs to happen over the Winter if I am to have a shot at finishing this project next Summer.

Time to exercise.