“clean diesel”

Was listening to Flogging Molly today, and had a vivid memory of one of my favorite old pubs, and I got a feeling like I was falling. The feeling you get when walking on a log over a river, and you go off balance. It was fucked up, but I laughed.

Had my last day of classes today. Might be the last classes I teach online during Covid. And yesterday was the 14 day mark after my second shot. Pretty happy about that.

I’ve got 4k put back now, and Acreage Holdings is down around 5$. Thought about throwing another 1000 at it. Still thinking about it, really. But I do want to pay off my van. And I haven’t signed a contract for next year yet. So I guess I gotta hang on to the cash till I get a contract signed, at the least.

Took the van in for a recall notice. MB lied about the emissions efficiency of their BlueTech shit, and now it gets some free update work. And I might be able to get like 3k out of a class-action suit, once the work is done and I have proof. Gonna get all over that, though the whole situation does piss me off. “Clean diesel” is a nontrivial part of why I went with this vehicle.

Got good work on my paper done today. I keep thinking I’m done, but I keep finding places to make changes, and they’re good, substantial changes. It’s worth putting the work in.

Very soon I’ll be doing my own work all day, for the whole Summer.

I’m making good solid progress on the guitar. I want more time to do my own work. Write, do math, play music. Soon I’ll have 6 full weeks to work on the van. Gonna play guitar for an hour after lunch each day.

I’m gonna be hungry as fuck when I go back to working on my feet. That’ll be good. I’m down around 187 right now, and still overweight by BMI. Still working on it. I look way better. And I’m putting on some muscle.

Time to crash.