crow come sing along

Zero dollar day. Spent 6 bucks on a (disappointing) frozen pizza over the weekend. And bought a new usb headset last week, as mine is on the fritz.

I decided to not do any grading last weekend, and to keep my paid work within the 9 to 5 bounds, but I’m realizing it’s not possible. The fact that it’s just taken as a given that academics have to do a ton of unpaid overtime to get by (and more still to get ahead) is irking me lately. Reason number 549,638 to bugger off and do something else.

I’m within an hour or two of having the second paper from my dissertation work complete. Once it’s submitted I go back to working on the van. That’s exciting.

Currently the whole van build is paid off, and I’ve got 3k in the savings account. I’m gonna have to buy more van stuff for sure, but I’ll try to keep it off credit. I’m going to save everything from now until I sign the contract next year. The admin is being weird about me wanting to keep open the option to go 100% online again if the situation merits. Reason 549, 639.

Spent some time playing chords down by the creek over the weekend, and I had a crow come sing along. That was nice.