wobble pretty badly

Zero dollar day, save for the gas bill.

Knocked off work early and took my little Martin Backpacker guitar down to the creek. That was nice.

Worked on my math paper today, and got sad that I’m not doing math more. I want to keep doing mathematical research, but it’s not real likely I can get a research gig at this point. Alcoholism and mental health issues made my career wobble pretty badly. Now, like 4 year after my doctorate with no postdoc and only a few publications (in the works), it’s not likely in the current academic job market. So. Probably gotta get paid in some other way…some other way that feels meaningful, and creates things of lasting worth.

Woke up from a weird dream last night and was up from 3:30 am on. Suck fish. Some of the noise in my head was pretty cool, though.

Time to crash.