lateral moves are fun

Spent 1000$ on weed stocks today. I’m guessing the Dems are gonna legalize it in the next few years, so I’m positioning myself. I can afford to lose that much, and I wanted to jump in and give it a try.

Got a little conflicted today about where my time should be going. I still want to be doing pure math research, but I don’t see a path forward there. I could maybe win a tenure-track spot at this teaching college I’m at now, but it’s a lot of work teaching 3 classes, and they’d add advising work and such to my load, too. Even if I wanted to do research in my own time after putting in the hours as a prof at a teaching college, I’m not sure it’s the best way.

I’m working through which direction I want my career to take from here, and it’s taking me some time. That’s OK. I am still leaning heavily toward data-science and machine learning. With my math background I can pick it up quick, and there’s a lot of money there. Plus I’d be able to put my effort back into active research. My original intention, as an undergrad, was to pick up some math degrees and start working in biology. I could do that as a coder. Maybe even in bioinformatics.

Lateral moves are fun.