feels important

Zero dollar day.

The Coursera data science classes are moving along at a good pace. Starting to get into some more interesting programming details.

I really enjoy playing scales with a metronome. I may be a touch autistic–I’ve long suspected this, and the degree to which I enjoy the precise, repetitive act of playing scales does lend credibility to the theory. It’s fun, whatever the reason.

I’m reading Jung’s Red Book. His paintings remind me of old alchemical works. Feels important to me.

The idea of teaching again this coming semester doesn’t thrill me. Ah well.

Woke up last night to some hostile voices, but I managed to change perspective and make everything OK. Then female voices mentioned how they’d like to get together with me sometime. I twitched just a bit, but didn’t go down too hard. My tendency to pull back from female affirmation like a hand pulled back from a hot stove is definitely fading. So that’s good.

Lost some sleep after that, but managed to drift off again eventually. Slept hard through my 7 am alarm. Exercising intensely makes it more difficult to get up in the mornings. Feels good, though. The exercise, I mean.