Zero dollar day. No wait, I bought a book about guitar technique for my kindle. 10 bucks. I want to develop good guitar habits early.

My landlord stopped by and left me a chicken dinner from the local grocery store. He’s a nice dude.

Good day. Math and music and domestic stuff. Got maybe four inches of snow over the last day. It was nice out walking around. I smacked a tree and snow fell on me and I laughed like an idiot child. Felt good.

If my pharmacy will mail me my thyroid meds, I think I can stay holed up here maybe even past when I take my van in on Jan 11th (it’s throwing codes related to NOx sensors, and I’m not driving it till I drive it to the dealership to get checked out). I’d like to make it till Jan 21 or so. Two weeks after New Year’s Eve is Jan 14, and I’d like to go a week past that. Hopefully Covid numbers will be in decline by then. My county is currently worse than it’s ever been. The county in fucking Wyoming where an ex of mine lives is doing better than this county is now. Fuck the red part of NYS. At least I’m not in Los Angeles.

Was thinking about Neil Young’s “Ohio” earlier, and had Bill Barr’s image in my mind.

I want more time to write. I’ve got the bug recently. I need to finish transcribing all my old journals so I can back them up, and then start on other stuff. 40 is not a bad time to start a mid-life memoir. Even if I’m just writing it for myself. There aren’t enough hours in the day.

If I inherited a bunch of money right now, that might be what I chose to do. Stop being employed, and start writing. Try to make any amount of money writing. And have math and music as my hobbies. And if that’s what I might do if I had a bunch of money, maybe I should figure out a way to do it anyway. I’m still torn between staying poor and doing the work that I care about and putting more effort into making more money. I could likely make 6 figures doing data science for a biotech.

Don’t know. Still working some of this out. Feels absurd to be deciding what I want to be when I grow up when I’m fucking 40, but here we are. But I’ve only been sober for like 3-4 months, and I’m working way more now than I have in a long time. So something good is going to work out.