feels very right

Spent like 80 bucks on a Gibson baseball cap and 10 sets of strings.

I love my guitar. It’s fucking awesome. Sounds so clean I can hear every little mistake, heh. It’s like being on psychedelics and seeing all your own internal mistakes clearly. Good, quick learning as long as you can keep a level head and not freak out.

Trouble sleeping last night. Angry at the voices. Today’s been hard, but I worked almost all day (lay in the tub for like an hour).

Did some good math over the last few days. Managed a proof I’d set aside a long time ago. I think there’s a cleaner way, and I’ll try to find it tomorrow.

I love doing math research again. I don’t want to teach full time. Still playing with the idea of leaving academia and doing data science in biotech or some such. We’ll see what happens. Right now, math and music feels very right.

Today was Anthony Fauci’s 80th birthday, and he was at work most of the day. Way to set the bar super high, Tony. I was planning on drinking myself to death at 70.