mild covid symptoms

It’s been a hard couple of weeks. Developed some mild Covid symptoms about 10 days ago now, which was about 2.5 weeks after working at the polls. Mild fever one day, then some fatigue and shortness of breath another, then finally headaches. The headaches have been the most persistent. It took me a week to get tested, and I’m waiting on results now. I’m not sure if this is fatigue and difficulty breathing, or anxiety about waiting on test results. I’ve had three dreams now where I was out in public and then realized I was Covid positive. Had one last night.

I’ve been working at about 70% capacity. Laying down and taking some breaks throughout the day.

I knew this was the risk I ran when I volunteered to work the polls. It’s hard not to feel like it’s unfair; I’ve been more cautious than almost anyone I know, and deliberately moved to a low-risk area. And I guess it is unfair, in a sense–in the sense that fairness is not real, and should not be expected. I knew this was the risk.

I’m giving a talk on my research to the department tomorrow. I’m not prepared, but should have plenty of time to get ready tomorrow. Can just focus on that till it’s time. I’ll likely have to work late tomorrow. I spent more time than I’d planned laying down and reading today. It felt right to rest. If it’s not Covid, it’s definitely something. I got my flu shot several months ago. Maybe it’s a coronavirus, and not the coronavirus.

Snowy today. I’m looking forward to being able to take long walks again. I’m not opening that door till I get the all clear on the virus. Fuck this virus.