hell, maybe

Long day at the desk, teaching and grading. I was supposed to keep at it till late, but it was a lovely autumn afternoon/evening outside my window, and I was complaining in my head about how I wanted to be outside. Then I remembered that I’m good at breaking the rules, and went out and worked on the van instead of grading and applying for jobs. I am worried about what happens financially next year, but it was good to be outside today.

I’ve cut 2 rectangles out of 3/4″ ply for my two up-top seats. Today I cut some strips from 1/2″ ply and glued and screwed them (sounds kinky) underneath, to further brace the seats. I also worked out how to attach the rust-proof hinges I bought, and the latches that will hold the folding backs of the seats closed when they’re not in use.

Listened to the first 3 Dire Straits albums while working. It was lovely.

Watched the 2nd presidential debate. I’d love to believe Joe Biden about a public option for health care and a transition off of fossil fuels. Hell, maybe he means it. I’ll believe it when I see it, but maybe.