gonna have to rig that up somehow

Spent most of my day making cloth masks. My brother just tested positive, and he lives with my 81 year old mother. As his test was administered almost a week ago, and they haven’t been distancing since then, it’s almost certain that she’s infected too. We’ll see how it goes.

I spent the day listening to an audiobook of “Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents.” Definitely lots of mixed emotions about my mother’s likely infection.

Spent a LOT of time toward the end of last week figuring out the wiring of my diesel heater. It’s an Esbar Airtronic D2. I realized I need the high-altitude module, and the remote temp sensor. That was an extra 400 dollars. Fucking hell.

Took Friday afternoon off, and all day Saturday. Today (Sunday) was a day for domestic work. Did some cooking and cleaning, and then made masks. I now have 7 good masks; I’ll wear one a day for a week, then cycle back through before washing them.

I should get the last of my electrical stuff this coming week, then I can rough in the electrical, and insulate and add the walls. Planning on doing the sliding door tomorrow, since no electrical goes into the sliding door.

I need to add a way to bolt the doors closed from the inside first. Gonna have to rig that up somehow. I’m planning on bolting those contraptions straight to the steel, so it needs to happen before the paneling.

Time to rest.