entirely self-structured

Been holed up in quarantine lately, given that I’m about 80 miles out of NYC. Been having a bit of trouble making myself work, which is not great. This is a scenario where my time is entirely self-structured, and that’s what I’ve been working toward. I have to be able to make such time productive. It’s not as bad as it once was; I’ve been productive probably 60% of the time. But I want to do better.

I’ve been transcribing old journals, and their filled with troubling dreams and signs of spiritual failure. There are victories, as well, but overall it’s difficult to look back at that time in detail. It’s all from the early aughts, when I was in my early 20’s.

Not leaving the house sure makes it easy to not spend money.

I wish I could do more to help fight the coronavirus right now. I have been reading and writing about statistics some in anticipation of a job interview I’ve got next week, and I think I’d rather be a biostatistician than a math teacher. The 50% pay increase wouldn’t hurt, either.

Lonely, and I keep convincing myself that I have a fever. Back to the books.