drunk lady noises

Been a while. Bought a Yeti mug and a coil-wire immersion water heater for the office today. Feel a little bad about spending dollars, but it’ll be nice to be able to make tea at the office. If I do get rehired here for next year, either as a lecturer or as a professor, then I’m going to move into the office in a more serious way. Lots of book storage shifted to the office, for starters.

Been sick for days. Smoked some weed and just hung out a fair bit while sick. Ready to get back on that wagon.

Gonna commit to playing guitar half an hour per day. I have to learn an instrument. It’s basic education. I was one of the last PhD candidates at my alma mater who actually took the language exam–they should replace the language requirement with a music requirement. That would be lovely, and the world would be more beautiful.

If I don’t get this professorship, I’m going to have to figure something else out. If I get the 3 year lecturer position, those have to be the last 3 years I teach full time. Been thinking about looking at green finance jobs.

There are some drunk ladies making drunk lady noises in the next apartment over. It’s not unpleasant.