despite what the voices tell me

Zero dollar day. Rib is healing nicely.

It was a relatively difficult day in terms of mental and emotional health. As is always true of late, it wasn’t anything near as bad as hard days used to be. But it wasn’t great. Bad enough that I didn’t feel like ogling cute girls on campus, but wanted instead to just be left alone. That seems like a critical parameter value for me.

I did keep reminding myself that everything is actually OK, despite what the voices tell me. It’s hard to believe some time, but that is the nature of this emotional work I’m doing.

Working on my application for the tenure track job here at SUNY New Paltz. Hosted my mother here last weekend, so I’m playing catch-up a bit. Gotta get that application done by the end of the weekend.

So, my mother is talking about investing in a piece of property in this area, and letting me care-take and improve it. That is a hell of an offer. I’ll talk more about my thoughts on this development shortly.