seek and you shall find

I’ve been feeling over-extended lately, with full-time teaching, trying to keep up with my own math, and wanting to write more. And working on the van. I had been thinking about focusing more on writing; if I could get paid for writing fiction, I could live more independently.

So I went for a hike in the Catskills on Saturday, and was immediately washed over with memories of what mathematical biology meant and means to me. I went looking for answers, and the answers were right there waiting.

I have to keep working on the van, because I’m in deep, and need this project to pay off. But I’m going to lay off on the writing for now, and focus instead on math. I’m coming up on the 2 year anniversary of my dissertation defense, and I haven’t published any results from it yet. Going to get at least an hour/day in. Feels good.

Bought a tie bar today (cause I lost mine, stainless steel), and some corn-holders shaped like corn (as corn-holders should be). Cost about 10 bucks. I’m also going to check out the karate dojo down the street; I’ll let this be some of my exercise time, so my exercise time can double as social time. The total lack of social contact in my life is a glaring omission in my mental health regiment. I am worried how much it will cost. We’ll see.