fuck spray-foam insulation

Another productive day. Got the dividing wall between the cab and the back of the van out, and was able to disconnect and remove the lights and 12v sockets that the previous owner installed.

Spent a long time removing spray-foam insulation so I could get at the screws to get that wall out. Fuck spray-foam insulation.

Also did a fair amount of touch-up painting where I had drilled out rivets and such.

Didn’t film today, both because I am lazy and because it was largely mundane work.

Worked straight through from 9 to 5. Really wanted to go out for dinner, but ate at home instead. My buddy Myles sent me some habanero salsa from CA, and it’s fucking fire. So eating at home is not all bad.

Things are shaping up. Each new job is intimidating (bordering on terrifying), and then I remember that the last job felt that way too.

On deck: install the diesel heater and get the solar panels up on the roof.