money in, money out

I got some good financial news; my insurance company is covering the 2,200$ in damages that the NY State Thruway was coming after me for. So no need to borrow that money, via a short-term loan, from family, and more money available for the van build.

As a partial balance to that, one of the last times I got stoned I bought a bunch of new clothes online. I spent about 500$ on some dress and dress-casual clothes, and a bunch of band t-shirts (Opeth, Black Sabbath, Gojira, Zepplin, Tool, RATM). I did want these clothes (I can’t, in good conscience, use the word “need”), and I like the idea of making my wardrobe more deliberate (a big part of this van build is making all of my possessions reflect more deliberate decisions), but it would be nice if I had been in a better place financially before I did this. I do have a problem buying stuff when I’m high; it’s all been stuff that I do want and would eventually get, but it’s also stuff that I could do without for now.

I want some tattoos too, and would like to get them from a skilled artist in NYC while I’m here (I want something like this with crows), but that’s definitely out of my price range for now. Maybe soon.