batteries on credit?

Spent a lot on groceries a few days ago, because I have a friend coming into town soon. And spend 100 bucks today to get the radiator flushed in my car. It was time. I should be doing that myself, but I’ve got a busy few days coming up, and wanted to get it done before driving to the airport. So an expensive few days.

I’m playing with the idea of putting some stuff on credit cards so I can upgrade some of the systems in my van. The electrical, in particular. With a few more thousand, I could got up to 400 Watts on the roof, and lithium ion batteries, instead of lead acid. The Li batteries weigh so much less, and age better. Might be worth paying a few months worth of interest.

On the other hand, fuck credit cards. And also, it is fun to operate under constraint.

It is not decided.

Grading finals these next few days. I’ve gotten some really positive, really touching feedback from my students. That always blows me away. Makes the job feel worth it, and important.

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